1. AGRIMONY - Agrimonia Eupatoria
This essence is for those who hide their inner worries and fears by putting on a smiling face. They bottle things up, and sometimes explode with anger. They are unable to express their true feelings when necessary for fear of upsetting the peace. Often restless at night and suffer with throat problems. Agrimony brings the ability to express themselves freely and peace is restored.

2. ASPEN - Populus Tremula
For unknown fears, apprehension, fear of strange places, psychic phenomena, spirits etc. Apprehension of forthcoming events, trembling, fluttering in the tummy. Very useful for treating children's fear dark and agoraphobia. Aspen helps relieve this type of fear.

3. BEECH - Fagus Sylvatica
For those who are very critical and judgemental of others, intolerant and having a rigid outlook on life. Often irritated by peoples "little habits". This state often expresses itself in rigidity of the body. Beech helps restore tolerance and allows one to view life with greater openness.

4. CENTUARY - Centaurium Erythaea
For those who are unable to say "no". Usually taking on far more than they can handle. Wanting to help others but to the detriment of themselves. Often lacking will power and so resulting in a weak body. Often being so influenced by stronger personality that they lack individuality. Centuary helps restore inner strength and the ability to say "no" when appropriate without feelings of guilt.

5. CERATO - Ceratostigma willmottiana
This essence is for those who lack faith in their own judgement and who constantly seek the opinions of other for decision making. Cerato helps to connect with one's inner voice or intuition by removing the blockage between the higher self and the mind, enabling them to follow one's own guidance.

6. CHERRY PLUM - Prunus cerasifera
For fear of losing control of one's mind, nervous breakdowns, wanting to scream or be violent to oneself or others. Unable to stop oneself acting and saying things out of character. Easily recognised in the acute state by wide staring eyes. Cherry Plum helps bring peace, control and calmness.

7. CHESTNUT BUD - Aesculus hippocastanum
For those who make the same mistakes over and over again. Not learning lessons the first time around, whether they be lessons that life sends us or academic ones. Helpful for students who are slow to learn and the mentally impaired.

8. CHICORY - Chicorium intybus
This essence is for those who are possessive of those they love, wanting them nearby to cling to. A selfish love that often operates through other carrying the same state, liking sympathy when ill. The "poor me" often evoking illness to draw attention. Chicory helps balance these states and to love unconditionally.

9. CLEMATIS - Clematis vitalba
For those who have insufficient interest in what's happening around them, often going into a daze or daydream states, fantasising about the future. Poor concentration and memory, often dizzy and bumping into things. Quite gentle people on "cloud nine". Clematis helps "ground" those in this state. Helpful working with their imagination e.g. artists, musicians and writers.

10. CRAB APPLE - Matus sylvestris
This essence acts as a cleanser, working both bodily and mentally. Helpful for skin complaints and for those who have cleaning fetishes, bathing and house work osessions. These people are often very fussy, always wiping up etc. For those who suffer from self hatred and so feel unclean. Crab Apple can be used as a lotion for the skin or put 10 drops in your bath in addition to taking it orally. Crab Apple helps neutralise this obsessive state and brings calm.

11. ELM - Ulmus procera
This essence is for those who are normally very capable, often with responsible jons, large families and other commitments. Suddenly overwhelmed by their responsibilities and unable to cope. Elm helps restore strength of mind and the ability to manage life's demands once more.

12. GENTIAN - Gentiana amarella
For those who lack faith in themselves or life. This disconnection brings disappointments and setbacks. Known depression, the "doubting Thomas" type. Gentian helps bring the ability to see that everything is in it's right place in life, thereby taking away the feelings of dejection.

13. GORSE - Ulex europaeus
For deep hopelessness and sadness. Those with long term illness often suffer this state, having dark rings under their eyes, making it easily recognisable. Gorse helps lift the spirit back into the light.

14. HEATHER - Calluna vulgaris
For those who are very talkative and hate to be alone. Needing to talk about themselves, their problems and illnesses continually. Preoccupied with themselves, they make poor listeners. "The needy child" often cornering people at parties. Heather helps bring the ability to enjoy their own company and start taking an interest in others.

15. HOLLY - Ilex aquifolium
This essence helps neutralise strong emotions such as jealousy, hate, anger, revenge, suspicion and envy. Holly aids connection to the heart energy and this unconditional love dissolves all of these negative emotions.

16. HONEYSUCKLE - Lonicera caprifolium
For those who dwell in the past, "the good old days", perhaps unable to focus on the present, this often brings regrets and sadness as ones "here and now" reality is not entered into. Helpful for those suffering with bereavement, homesickness, divorce etc. Used in conjunction with Star of Bethlehem and Walnut will help speed recovery from traumatic and sad events.

17. HORNBEAM - Carpinus betula
For those who take a long time to "come round" when waking. The Monday morning feeling that persists often still tired after a good night's sleep. Often triggered by a day of doing nothing. A feeling of procrastination. Not to be confused with Wild Rose, Hornbeam helps clear and refresh the mind.

18. IMPATIENS - Impatiens glandulifera
This essence is for impatience and irritability. For those who like things done very quickly, usually working alone, as other slower people irritate them. Often quick to lose their temper, "oh stand back and let me do it" types. These people will be helped by the gentle patience of Impatiens.

19. LARCH - Larix decidua
For those who need to restore confidence within themselves. Usually very capable people, who lack the confidence to carry out the task in hand. Often admiring others achieve that which they would love to do but are never jealous. Larch helps to restore confidence so enabling one to live life to the full. Helpful in the short term before exams, interviews etc.

20. MIMULUS - Mimulus guttatus
For known fears, fear of water, heights, flying, spiders etc. Fear of things of the material world. Often timid, those needing this essence may also be shy, nervous stammer or blush easily. Mimulus helps neutralise this type of fear, restoring courage.

21. MUSTARD - Sinapis arvensis
For gloom and depression that often descends without any apparent reason. Feelings of a dark cloud over one's head. Mustard helps dispel the gloom by allowing in light and joy.

22. OAK - Quercus robur
This essence is for those that struggle on regardless of adversities sent them. Like the signature of this tree, they possess great courage and strength but are at the point of no longer being able to do this. Oak helps restore strength and fortitude.

23. OLIVE - Olea europea
For mental and physical tiredness, exhaustion. Helps to restore strength when convalescing, and useful in the short term after a hard day's physical work.

24. PINE - Pinus sylvestris
For those who carry feelings of guilt which are deep seated, often from childhood. People who need pine are usually lacking in self worth, appearing sad. In the acute state they are usually apologising for everything even when not at fault. Pine brings release from this state.

25.RED CHESTNUT - Aesculus carnea
For those who fear and worry for others. Always fearing the worst. If someone is late home they must have had an accident, rarely is the worry for themselves. Red Chestnut brings positivity and optimism.

26. ROCK ROSE - Helianthemum nummularium
For terror extreme fear and panic. Use when having panic attacks or nightmares. Rock Rose helps neutralise the intense vibrations of extreme fear, bringing calm and peace.

For those who are very hard on themselves and, unknowingly, punish themselves. Wishing to set a good example to others, they deny themselves, becoming rigid in their outlook. Often adopting extreme diets or lifestyles. Taking Rock Water neutralises the tension of this state.

28. SCLERANTHUS - Scleranthus annuus
For those who are unable to make decisions, being unable to choose between two things. Often taking a long time to weigh things up. This relates to inner balance, and in an acute state can cause stumbling, shakiness, vertigo and mood swings. Scleranthus helps restore inner balance and decisiveness.

29. STAR OF BETHLEHEM - Orntholagum umbellatum
This essence is for any kind of shock. It works with recent and past states that are often carried on for long periods of time. Star of Bethlehem helps release and dissolve the effects of shock and trauma, thus aiding the body to recover much more quickly. This essence should not replace medical treatment.

30. SWEET CHESTNUT - Castanea sativa
For complete and utter despair, absolute hopelessness, "back against the wall", "the dark night of the dark soul" state. In this extreme state one feels abandonment and desolation, trapped and weary. Sweet Chestnut helps restore life's joys again.

31. VERVAIN - Verbena officianalis
For those who overstrive, perfectionists, often holding rigid views, wanting things done properly and fast. Often a workaholic, can be fanatical and over zealous and are inclined to force their opinions on others. Their minds race ahead of events, causing tension and sleep problems. This is greatly eased by taking this essence. Excellent combined with White Chestnut to improve sleep.

32. VINE - Vitis vinifera
For those who dominate others. Often very capable people who misuse their abilities to override others. Often proud and ruthless, seldom argue or negotiate as "they are right" and expect others to follow their way. The positive potential helped by the Vine essence is leadership without domination or intimidation.

33. WALNUT - Juglans regia
Walnut brings adapability within change, such as a new jon, change of life style, divorce, bereavement or bodily changes i.e. menopause, adolescence, new baby etc. Walnut helps us to adapt to new situations. "The link breaker" helps break old links of the past, habits, and step into the new situation with increased flexibility. A much needed essence at this time. Also helpful to therapists, it can be taken between client's appointments so as not to take on other's stuff.

34. WATER VIOLET - Hottonia palustris
These quiet, calm and knowledgeable people are very private, aloof and often feeling superior to others. They distance themselves, bringing about a sense of loneliness. This essence helps bring out the ability to socialise and share their wisdom with others and so dissolving their sense of separation.

35. WHITE CHESTNUT - Aesculus hippocastanum
This essence is for those times when repetitious thoughts rule us. Like a record with the needle stuck, the thoughts and worries go around and around ceaselessly. White Chestnut helps to calm the mind, restoring peace and ensuring a good night's sleep. See also Agrimony and Vervain.

36. WILD OAT - Bromus ramosus
For those who are unable to see their true path in life. Having reached one of life's crossroads they do not know which way to go. Each person has a higher purpose in life, something that they are naturally good at and will enjoy more than anything else. Wild Oat helps us to connect with the path that is true to ourselves.

37. WILD ROSE - Rosa canina
For apathy, boredom and resignation. These are the key words when one is in this state. This essence is needed by many of us from time to time when we suffer loss of enthusiasm, sometimes for the things we normally enjoy. Resignation and apathy drain our energy and leave us tired. Many experience this during long term illness because they believe that they will never get better. Wild Rose helps us have a positive outlook and take responsibility for our own lives.

38. WILLOW - Salix vitellina
The negative Willow state is a difficult one most of us experience from time to time. Feeling put upon "I don't deserve this. Why does this always happen to me?" The victim, full of self-pity and bitterness. Feeling resentment towards those who seemingly have a better lot. This gloomy state alienates friends and family. Taking Willow helps neutralise resentment and regain a sense of proportion and humour.


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