Flower essences are a gentle yet powerful means for treating the mind and emotions. The various negative states of mind each have a corresponding corrective essence. Flowers have been used in healing since time immemorial; the ancients in their simplicity understood these great truths. These days there is a great revival in the use of these simple and powerful tools in self healing. Disease has it's origins in the mind and it is at this causal level that it must be treated. Flower Essences are safe and can be taken by anyone without the risk of side effects, overdosing or addiction. It is not suggested that Flower Essences should replace medical treatment, however they aid our inherent ability to heal ourselves, and work in conjunction with other forms of treatment, on a higher vibrational level.

Animals and plants can also benefit greatly. Choosing the wrong essence isn't harmful, it simply cancels itself out if it is not needed. Each of these Flower Essences have been made in the best possible locations with loving care using the original methods of Dr. Edward Bach.

Combination Essences

EMERGENCY ESSENCE : For shock, trauma and fear. This combination essence helps us to stabilise in extreme situations, such as accidents, sudden bad news, bereavement or family upsets. If you are in shock, confused or even terrified, Emergency Essence will help you move into a more balanced state of mind. It is also very useful before a stressful event such as job interviews, difficult meetings, driving tests, exams, before going on stage or going to the dentist. Emergency Essence will help neutralise the effects of shock, trauma and fear.

THREE TREES - THE STRENGTHENER : This combination of oak, olive and elm is used when we feel overwhelmed and exhausted mentally and physically. It is also helpful in times when it is hard to cope with the demands of life, or simply after a hard days work.


Dosage Instructions

All of the essences listed here are compatible with each other and can be combined for individual treatment bottles up to a maximum of 6 or 7 essences. Essences may be taken straight from the stock bottle, by placing 2 drops onto the tongue. However, it is advisable to make up a treatment bottle for long term use.

Flower Essences work by the regular input of energetic frequencies into our subtle body system, so taking large amounts at one time is not necessary. A few drops taken often, is much more effective. The length of time required to shift from the negative state to positive varies as there are many underlying factors, such as the length of time one has been fixed in the negative state, and the sensitivity of the person. Adults should take their chosen essences for six to eight weeks for deep seated patterns, then review, noting the states that are being transformed. You may then need to treat some underlying states with different essences. For recent or immediate negative states, put two drops of each required essence in a drink and sip or take two drops directly on the tongue repeating as needed.

How Flower Essences Can Help

- Relief in times of emotional stress.
- Feelings of clarity, peacefulness and a sense of inner wellbeing.
- Move forward in life with greater confidence and purpose.
- Catalysts to personal growth and transformation.
- Gain insight during periods of transition.
- Recognize and resolve patterns of self-limitation.
- Align with higher creative principles.

"When you no longer know how to go further, let the plants tell you, the plants that you let spring up, grow, blossom and fruit within you. Learn the language of the flowers." - Albert Steffen

The combination essences come in dropper bottles. 10ml is £4.50 including p&p, 30ml is £7.50 including P&P. Single Bach Flower remedies come in the 10ml size dropper bottle and cost £4.50 including P&P. Please state When purchasing which you would like to recieve using the 'special instructions' box!

A full set of Bach Flower remedies including one 10ml bottle of emergency essence and three trees combination essences costs £85.00 including p&p.


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