There are three different kits; Travel, Birthing and First Aid. Each kit contains ten different remedies and an explanation of how to use them and advised dosage. The attractive, sturdy green boxes contain ten 10ml glass bottles with a screw top which contains the remedies and clear typed instructions. On each box is a phone number where I can be contacted if further explanation or encouragement is needed!

The remedies are mainly made up in 200c potency which is, in my opinion, the most effective for acute conditions. All kits can be tailor made to suit an individual's needs. This is a cost effective way of buying remedies and the kits also make lovely gifts.

BIRTHING KIT : This kit has nine different remedies plus a bottle of Bach flower rescue remedy. The bottles are set out in order as you would need them before, during and after labour. I decided to do this after attending births and administering remedies, all the mums, dads and midwives who have used my kits have found this is a useful format. The kit contains remedies to help dilate the cervix, promote labour, assist with pain control, exhaustion, nausea and a combination to speed up the healing process after labour in the case of bruising and tearing or episiotomy. This kit can be kept for use in first aid for baby and family.

TRAVEL KIT : The travel kit has ten different remedies carefully worked out to cover all eventualities when abroad. This particular kit has been formulated after years of providing remedies to people travelling to India, Africa and the Far East as well as Europe and America. The remedies in this kit can be used for insect bites, shock bruising, diarrhoea, fevers, sun stroke, cuts that turn septic, as well as emotional states e.g. homesickness, fright, etc.

FIRST AID KIT : This kit contains ten remedies, designed to make using homeopathy in day to day life simple and easy. The instructions are clear and user friendly. The remedies used cover symptoms of colds and flu, bruising and cuts from minor accidents, coughs, fevers, upset stomachs, hangovers, sprains, insect bites and other everyday occurrences.

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